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Different Vehicle Communication Interfaces (VCI) For Autel Maxisys Elite / MK908 / MS908 Pro / MS906BT/ MS906TS/ MS906

autel maxivci devices

  1. Basic vehicle communication interface is 16-PIN OBD2 main test cable, it can fit for most obd2 scanner comes with an OBD II interface. Contect the OBD2 Cable from the vehicle to the scanner, then the scanner can read data from your the vehicle. You can easily find that Autel AutoLINK AL619, MaxiDiag MD802, MD808 even MaxiDAS DS708, DS808, Maxisys Mini and MS906 need this OBD2 cable connect to vehicles.
  2. MaxiVCI Mini is a Bluetooth Vehicle Communication Interfaces for Autel MaxiCOM MK808, MK808BT, MK808TS or MaxiCheck MX808TS etc. You no need to connect to the car with the OBDII cable, then you can diagnose your car within 10m away. You can move more freely.
  3. MaxiVCI MV100 is a Bluetooth Vehicle Communication Interfaces for Autel Maxisys MS906BT, Maxisys MS906TS to connect to the vehicle during diagnostic job. We sell it separately if your original one is not working.
  4. MaxiFlash Bluetooth is for Autel Maxisys Mini, Maxisys (MS908) Or MaxiCom MK908 to communicate with vehicles.
  5. MaxiFlash Pro and MaxiFlash Elite are same function. These two J2534 PassThru can be connected to Autel MaxiSys Pro (MS908P), Maxisys MS908S Pro (MS908SP), Maxisys Elite, MaxiCOM MK908 Pro (MK908P) Or Autel MaxiIM IM608 to do Key programming or ECU Programming.
  6. Autel MaxiFlash Elite is a new version of Autel MaxiFlash Pro and most a Autel new products come with MaxiFlash Elite instead of Maxiflash Pro. You can buy this J2534 device separately, then ask Autel help to connect it to your Maxisys (MS908) / MaxiCOM MK908. Then your MS908 / MK908 can be updated to MS908P / MK908P. 
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