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Comparation of Autel MS908CV vs MS908 CV vs 909CV

Autel has a series of diagnostic products specifically for Commercial Vehicles, including MS906CV, MaxisysCV (MS908CV) and 909CV, so what is the difference between these three products? Today let's compare the MS906CV, MaxisysCV (MS908CV) and 909CV.

Before we start, let's understand Autel's classification of Commercial Vehicles.

Road Vehicles:

①3.5t and above trucks, buses, RVs, special vehicles (fire engines, etc.)

②Below 3.5t are mainly diesel vehicles

③ Trailer

Off-road vehicles/industrial engines: agricultural, construction, engineering (currently not supported, but a follow-up effort)

Autel's products currently do not support the diagnosis of non-road vehicles and industrial engines, so this part can basically be ignored. Autel CV focuses on providing diagnosis for trucks, buses, RVs, and special vehicles (such as fire engines, etc.) over 3.5t. Below 3.5t, mainly diesel vehicles, Autel's CV diagnostic tools can be used for some models, and most other series of Autel diagnostic panels can also do this part of the function, this depends on personal needs before purchasing, if the power supply voltage is 24V The car must choose the CV series of diagnostic products.

Next, let's get to the point and compare Autel ms908CV vs MS908 CV vs 909CV.

Picture Price Model Market positioning Fit people  Listing time and change
MS906 CV
Check Price  MS906CV Entry Level

Mechanics who need more maintenance

2017.9 listing in North America
Maxisys CV (MS908 CV) Check Price  MaxisysCV (MS908CV) Midrange tablet Individual repair shop (traditional commercial vehicle repair) Listed in North America in August 2016 and Europe in September 2017
909CV Check Price  909CV High-end tablet Fleet vehicle operation and maintenance team with a wide range of maintenance 2021.4 listing in North America

From the above chart, we can simply understand the differences between the MS906 CV, Maxisys CV (MS908 CV) and 909CV. Next, let's take a look at the comparison of the hardware parameters of the three products.

Comparison of main hardware parameters of CV series

Model CPU Display Battery Memory Android system VCI  Note
MS906CV Exynos 5260 8.0 inch 5000 mAh 2GB/32GB Android 4.4 No external VCI SD card is supported, but the software cannot be moved to an external SD card.
MS908CV Exynos 5260 9.7inch 11000 mAh 2GB/32GB Android 4.0 Maxi Flash elite
MS909CV Qualcomm 660 9.7inch 15000mAH 4GB/128GB Android 10.0 MaxiFlash VCI

In fact, the high-end positioning of the ms909cv can also be seen from the hardware configuration. Let's take a look at the important functional differences between the three.

Comparison of overall functions of CV series

MS906CV MS908CV MS909CV  Note
Basic Functions ECU information, code reading, code clearing, data flow, frozen frame, etc
Maintenance Functions Oil Reset, Brake bleed, DPF, Injector, SAS, Throttle and more than 30 functions
Special Functions ×
Action test ×
Coding ×
Programming × × ×
Topology × × North American mainstream heavy trucks (Freightliner, International, Kenworth, Peterbilt)
Intelligent Diagnosis × × Currently only DTC analysis is supported

As can be seen from the above table, MS906CV only supports basic maintenance functions, while MS909CV supports most functions. Of course, it is regrettable that the entire CV series products do not support programming.


If you are a technician who needs more maintenance, then MS906CV is your ideal choice; if you are an individual repair shop, MS908CV must not be missed; if you have more heavy-duty trucks that need frequent maintenance, then 909CV is your best choice. Good choice. Of course, if you are an avid DIY enthusiast and don't care about the price, you can choose 909CV boldly.

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