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OTOFIX BT1 Lite Battery Tester Review 2021

Ensure your automobile stays on the road with the OTOFIX BT1 Lite. Don't get tripped up by a dead or faulty car battery. Quickly analyze your battery to identify problems before they leave you stranded.

OTOFIX BT1 Lite Battery Tester is a wireless battery and electrical systems tester that, paired with the Battery Tester App on your smartphone or otofix tablet, enables you to assess the health and condition of your battery quickly and easily without breaking your bank. Combined with otofix Cloud Services for accessing the latest support issues and solutions, OTOFIX BT1 Lite is the comprehensive battery and electrical systems diagnostics solution you won't want to be without. All otofix products are backed by a 1-Year Limited Warranty.

OTOFIX BT1 Lite Key Features

  • TOP-LEVEL ACCURACY & QUICK TEST RESULTS: Exclusive adaptive conductance algorithm.
  • No subscription charge
  • Car Battery Tester With Printer and e-mail function to print and email customised report
  • Battery load tester, car cranking, and charging system analysis.
  • New battery registration to ECU.
  • Auto VIN entry, auto-detection of battery specifications through the built-in camera

OTOFIX BT1 Lite Supported Battery Types

1. Battery Ratings


2. Battery Types

Test Flooded, AGM, AGM_Spiral, EFB and GEL Batteries
Test 6- and 12-volt Batteries: 100 - 2000 CCA
Test 12- and 24-volt Cranking/Charging Systems

OTOFIX BT1 Lite Specifications

Package Dimension (WxHxD): 38 x 31 x 12.5 cm
Package Weight: 2.53 kg
Operating System: Android 9
Screen Display: 5.5" LCD Touch Screen / 720*1280 Resolution
Storage: 32GB
Connectivity: Wi-Fi (802.1.1 a/b/g/n/ac) / USB 2.0 Type-C / BT5.0+EDR
Camera: 8MP
Input Voltage: 5V DC
Working Current: < 450 mA at 7.7 V DC
Internal Battery: 7.7V, 3000 mAh
CCA Range: 100 to 3000 A
Voltage Range: 1.5 to 36 V
Operating Temperature: 0° to 45°C
Storage Temperature: -10° to 60°C

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