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Topdon vs. Autel, Which One is Better?

Among the many scanners, there are some excellent scanner brands, such as Launch, Autel, Topdon, Thinktool, Ancel, Xtool and so on. We will explain here Topdon vs. Autel, which one is better?

Autel and Topdon, manufacturers of excellent tools for the automotive service market, offer very powerful, comprehensive, advanced and reliable scanning tools.

Founded in 2004, Autel is known for its superior quality, OEM-level diagnostics, and comprehensive service range product line covering automotive vehicles.

Founded in 2007, Topdon has the advantage of being extremely cost-effective, offering a wide range of scanner tools, and having free updates for a longer period of time.

Autel AL319 VS Topdon AL200: Handheld Car Code Reader Tool under $50

Topdon AL200
Autel AL319
Appearance AL200 AL319
Read engine codes
Erase codes
Smog check
Vehicle info
Freeze frame data
DTC library
Live data
O2 Sensor test
Screen size
Cable length
3.5 ft
2.5 ft
Free update

Among handheld code reader tools, Autel AL319/AL519 has more comprehensive coverage and is more popular. They can provide efficient and accurate reading of fault codes, including both universal and specific codes for certain car brands. They also help with smog checks.

Autel AL319/AL519 also provides real-time data function, taking car inspection one step further.

Autel MS909 VS Topdon Phoenix Smart: Advanced Diagnostic Scanner Tool Over $2,000

  Topdon phoenix smart Autel MaxiSys Ms909
Topdon phoenix smart
Autel MaxiSys MS909 Intelligent Bi-Directional Diagnostic Scanner
CPU MT6761 Core 4, 2.0GHZ Samsung Exynos8895V Octa-core processor
ROM 128G 128G
Battery Capacity 12600mAH, 3.8V 15000mAH, 3.8V
Screen Resolution 1280×800 1536×2048
Screen Size 10.1 inch 9.7 inch
Wi-Fi 2.4 & 5 GHz 2.4 & 5 GHz
Camera Rear8.0 mp Rear16mp+Front 5mp
Weight 1.567 kg(3.45 lb)) 1.66kg
Communication Bluetooth
Including CANFD, DOIP, D-PDU, J2534, RP1210
MaxiFlash VCI
Including CANFD, DOIP, D-PDU, J2534, RP1210
Operating System Android 10.0 Android 7.0 / Android 10.0
Software Updates 2 Years Free 1 Year Free
Auto VIN
FCA Secure Gateway √ (USA Version only)
Full-System Diagnostic
Component Activation Bi-Directional Control Bi-Directional Control
Enhanced Functions
cDaily Maintenance Functions 35+ Service Functions 36+ Service Functions
Diagnostic Topology Mapping
ADAS Adas Upgrade&Frame Kit
Purchase Required
Adas Upgrade&Frame Kit
Purchase Required
Cloud-Based Programming 13 Brands
(Benz, BMW, Audi, VW, SKODA, 
SEAT, Porche, Jaguar, Land Rover,Nissan, 
Subaru, Renault, Hyundai)
2 Brands
Benz, BMW
Online FFS Activation
(VW, Audi)
Mercedes-Benz DTC Guided Function
DTC Guided Function
(BMW, Porsche, Audi, VW)
Battery Tester BTMobile Pros
Purchase Required
Purchase Required
Key Programming T-Ninja Box
Purchase Required
Basic IMMO
Tesla Software Tesla Software Upgrade& Tesla Connectors
Purchase Required
Heavy Duty Compatibility HD Software Upgrade&HD Connector Kit
Purchase Required
Software Languages 15 Languages
English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese,
Russian,Polish, Turkish,
Dutch, Hungarian,
Chinese (Traditional),
Korean, Finnish
Upgrade Fee (End User) $795/Y, $1099/2Y 659/Y

In the comparison chart of Topdon Phoenix Pro VS Autel MS909, we can clearly see that Topdon Phoenix Pro supports ECU programming of more car brands, and Autel MS909 has intelligent diagnosis to facilitate quick diagnosis of faults and explain the situation to car maintenance personnel. Both feature color-coded topology maps and are powerful.

Overall, both Topdon scanner and Autel scanner are very powerful and capable tools, please buy according to your needs or ask Obdprice store for better recommendations.

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