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Autel Remote Expert After Sales for Autel Ultra, MS919 and MS909

Autel introduces Remote Expert Platform to all MaxiSYS Ultra, MS919 and MS909 tablets. The Remote Expert Platform connects technicians with independent module programmers, vehicle diagnosticians and system experts who perform required services remotely using a peer-to-peer network.

Remote diagnostics, also known as remote vehicle diagnostics or remote monitoring, is the ability to remotely diagnose and monitor the condition of a vehicle or machine without physical access to the device. It involves using technology and connectivity to collect data from a vehicle or machine, analyze it, and provide insights into its performance and potential problems.

Why do you need Autel remote experts?

What should we do when we encounter problems using the scanner tool? Practicing sellers seek help the first time. This is because we often have to provide a lot of information, describe the causes and consequences, upload log files, and then get a belated reply.

If you are an Autel Maxisys Ultra, MS919 and MS909 tablet user, everything is easy. You can enter the Autel Cloud service and access Remote Expert, which is a one-stop, cloud-based repair and diagnostic platform for the digital age.

What do Autel remote experts bring to the table?

The launch of Autel Remote Expert solves the dilemma of the shortage of professional technicians and the technical complexity of vehicles. Remote Expert is like a virtual lifeline from technician to expert, no matter what challenge the technician faces, from tricky diagnostics to module programming, He can use the platform to contact experts for help.

What is remote diagnostics?

The basic concept of remote diagnostics is to have a skilled technician connect via the Internet and use their diagnostic tools remotely. Remote diagnostics are a convenient way for shops to perform some (but not all) programming and coding functions without having to purchase their own dealer diagnostic tools, subscriptions and registrations.

Autel remote expert support models

The supported models of Autel Remote Expert include: Autel Ultra, MS919, MS909, Ultra Lite, Ultra Lite S, MS906 Pro, MS906 Pro-TS.

Please note: Remote Expert tool requires additional purchase. Remote expert technicians will provide you with a quote.

Autel remote experts provide you with protection in all aspects of after-sales, and you can quickly seek after-sales help.

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