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Autel Scanner Expansion Function Description: Oscilloscope, Endoscope, ADAS Expansion, Battery Detection, Adding EV Box

Autel scanners come in a variety of models with different functional supports to handle various vehicle repair and maintenance services. Here we will explain the expanded functions that can be added to the Autel scanner: oscilloscope, endoscope, ADAS expansion, battery detection, and adding an EV Box to upgrade to an EV product.

How to add an oscilloscope to Autel scanner?

In order for the Autel scanner to have the oscilloscope function, it needs to be adapted to the Autel MP408 oscilloscope. An oscilloscope detects the electrical signals between the electronic control module (ECM) and the sensor and converts them into visual waveforms. Waveform graphs can provide detailed information about an electrical signal, such as frequency, amplitude, and pulse width.

An oscilloscope is an important tool that can help diagnose more complex problems, such as those that are not recognized by engine fault codes.

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How to add endoscope to Autel scanner?

The Autel scanner tablet tool works with almost all endoscopes MV105/108S, except the MS906 scanner. This scanner does not have a USB interface and cannot be connected to the endoscope MV105/MV108S.

Adding a borescope to your car scanner diagnostic tool is for inspecting and viewing hard-to-reach areas inside your vehicle. It usually has a tiny camera and lighting device.

Does Autel scanner support ADAS extension?

"ADAS" is the abbreviation of "Advanced Driver Assistance Systems", which means "advanced driver assistance system". The car scanner supports ADAS expansion, which means that it has the ability to communicate and diagnose with the vehicle's ADAS system.

Among Autel scanners, only some scanner tool models support ADAS expansion, and such devices need to be purchased from offline dealers in order to communicate with the automotive ADAS system.

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How does the Autel scanner perform battery testing?

Autel scanners cannot perform battery testing services directly, they need to be used together with the battery tester BT506. The functions of car scanners that support battery detection usually include battery voltage detection, battery status assessment, charging system detection, and battery fault diagnosis.

In the Autel scanner tablet tool, the BT506 battery tester communicates with the diagnostic tool via Bluetooth. Therefore, most diagnostic scanner tablet tools via wired connection do not support battery testing.

How do Autel scanners communicate with electric vehicles?

In order for Autel scanners to communicate with electric vehicles, firstly, in addition to its powerful functional configuration, it must also be able to add EV Box products to connect electric vehicles and provide diagnostic and testing functions.

Currently, Autel scans that support adding EV Box include MS909, MS919, and Ultra.

Final Summary

Autel scanners have high-quality hardware and durability, a very smooth operating system, and the largest car model coverage on the market. The scalability of the Autel scanner flatbed tool is also very strong. DIY enthusiasts and car maintenance technicians can purchase additional expansion accessories to conduct extended function tests on automobiles and vehicles to improve car repair and maintenance capabilities.

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